UC Irvine Medical Center

Release Date: September 24, 2010

Show here are two recently completed University of California, Irvine Medical Center Projects. The Acute Rehabilitation Unit is an OSHPD1 regulated and inspected conversion of approximately 10,350 sf at building #3. The work consisted of selective wall and ceiling demolition, installation of new walls, ceiling, millwork, flooring and painting. Installation of new lights and power, installation of negative pressure exhaust fan, medical gas, vacuum pump, fire sprinklers and fire alarm systems. The facility included patient rooms, dining room, classroom OT/PT gym, nurse station, offices and storage. The ER Radiology remodel is an OSHPD1 regulated and inspected project. Work consisted of a phased remodel of the emergency room’s main x-ray rooms and viewing office. Build-out of existing space included equipment installation of two new Phillips X-Ray systems, lead lining, med gas, new mechanical runs, new electrical service back to main switchgear, unistrut system to support overhead equipment, new millwork, and flooring system. Construction took place in occupied emergency room at UCIMC making infectious control a paramount concern for a successful project.