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Scott Schalliol - Owner

Scott Schalliol has over 14 years of experience in the commercial building industry. He joined DLS Builders just over nine years ago and has been a project manager and an estimator. Along with his years of experience, he brings a focus to his projects with his organizational and managerial skills while incorporating teamwork to accomplish completion of a project in a timely and cost-effective manner.

His project coordination skills include commercial build-outs, medical improvements, new construction, and tenant improvement work. He tracks budgets, coordinates subcontractor trades, maintains project schedules, works on cost reduction alternatives, troubleshoots job sites, and coordinates tenant move-ins.

Scott works closely with Architects during the course of construction including the design-build phase and for clarification of existing drawings. The extensive knowledge of estimating Scott has benefits the owner as well as DLS Builders. His experience allows him to address items immediately that, if left unquestioned, would result in future change orders. He also applies his experience and knowledge in making material and trade selections.

His knowledge of subcontractor trades enables him to quickly clarify their bids through a thorough cost analysis. When he encounters an item that seems to have an excessive price, he resorts to value engineering to attempt to save the owner money without compromising the integrity of the project.

Scott prepares the compilation of bid results through computer programming. The end result is an itemized bid that details the cost of each item that is easy to read and understand. Scott Schalliol has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Key Personnel - Estimating & Project Management

Doina Leonte – Estimator •
Dirk Williams – Estimator •
Kathy Akhavi– Project Manager •
Cesar Monroy – Project Manager •
Gerry Monroy – Project Manager •

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